The OK Moneytainemnt Box is an educational innovation, which was developed for children aged between 6 and 12, for their economic and management development and to strengthen their 21. Century competencies. The content and method developers, scientific researchers and trainers of OTP Fáy András Foundation, which has 25 years of educational experience, together created this product, which easily and efficiently transfers important knowledges, which might seem boring to children at first, but which are important with regards to their future. Those who participate in the educational programme gain a basic knowledge about everyday finances and management, and prepare for financial challenges with which they might come across during their teenage and early adult years.

The focus of the training was placed on those subjects, which expend the knowledge of children, and lay the foundation for their preparation of responsible financial management. During the exercises the concepts of income-expenses, revenue, family budgeting, bills, tax, savings, insurance, the importance of frugality, financial risks, bank, types of credit and debit cards, invoice, ATM, etc. and other subjects will get interpreted by looking at examples from everyday life.

Apart from the development of financial culture, emphasis was placed on strengthening 21. Century competencies as well. Logical and critical thinking, collaboration, planning, understanding and following rules, text comprehension, discipline and self-discipline, and many other personality development elements are present within the training programmes.

The more than one hundred pages long educational excipient, and the 21 appendices included in OK Moneytainment Box, as well as the 5 educational tools together greatly facilitate the preparation of teachers and educators for the tasks at hand. They help planning the curriculum, conducting the exercises, and explaining and understanding the concepts and knowledges. The 36 curriculums, which are designed for five primary school grades (grades 1 to5, or K1 to K5), each includes the educational aims of the given task, the timeline of the exercise, the detailed explanations of those concepts which are to be learnt and the pedagogical explanations needed for the conduction of the exercise, as well as the those methods and tools which are suggested for processing the curriculum. The educators technically receive a complete lesson plan, which they can modify, expand, make more colourful as how they see fit.

The essence of the applied educational methodology during the completion of the exercises, is for the children to acquire the curriculum by using inspiring pedagogical methods, with playful exercises in an entertaining way, within a relaxed environment, through which the received knowledge gets deepened and fixed.

By familiarising themselves with the teaching materials and the use of special educational tools and background materials, teachers and trainers gain educational methodology that they can use effectively to teach other themes and subjects. The effectiveness of this methodology is proven by the preparation of hundred thousand students in the past six years in the various educational centres of the Foundation.

Careful and responsible money handling, clever management = successful and safe future!